Wildlife Migration and Preservation


LoftyBot LLC can assist Wildlife Preservation Personnel, Biologists, Ecologists, and any other orginazation with wildlife migration and preservation.

Using drones to assist scientists with wildlife data has become more popular. The ability to carefully fly over gathering of wildlife, be it a flock of birds, or a herd of deer without disturbing them can give a great advantage for population counts.


Any obstructions on the ground are completely eliminated making counts more accurate. Along with the aerial view advantage, photos can be stitched together to create one large photo which can be separated into grids that makes it easy to return to count at a later time.


Knowing where the wildlife is, such as a herd of deer and monitoring the herd with a drone can also deter and catch poachers with the advantage of being aerial.

Drones can also be used to access normally difficult areas. Such as specific birds like to nest in high places. Let our drone take a video or photo to capture the status of the nest.

On top the previous wildlife. Nesting grounds for specific fish can be easily captured on photo or video using drones. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter let us help you gather your needed data.


Along with all types of wildlife. Forestland, swampland, rivers, inlets etc can be monitored for changes or recovery from destruction such as wildfires or flooding.