Aerial Site Survey and 3D Mapping

When photos are not enough for your needs. LoftyBot LLC can take a large set of high resolution photos and reconstruct them into a 3D model that you can manipulate. We can provide additional files that you can open in Google Earth which uses our geodata captured to place your model right where it is in Google Maps.


To the right is an example of only 62 aerial pictures of a residential property combined to create an amazingly accurate 3D model. We are able to revisit the property if needed to take additional pictures in areas that are lacking in enough data and improve the 3D model even further.

To the left is an Orthomosaic map of that same property. It uses the 3D model data to create a 2D map. Our 2D map accuracy is currently set to 5cm/pixel with abilities to be as accurate down to 1cm/pixel.


With this map we are able to mark out and measure any feature along with elevation data. The current property is mapped out by our program and shows that it occupies 1.17 Acres.


We can measure the distance from the back of the black vehicle to the corner of the small retaining wall at the driveway and see that its distance is  24.16 ft.


Not only straight lines we can create a compound lines too. For instance we can measure the entire length of the side walk starting from the drive way all around to the edge of the back of the house. We see that the sidewalk length is about 99.32 ft

Loftybot LLC can also measure area. The area occupied by the house including the porches is 1459.9 ft². On top of area we can also figure out approximate volume and see that the house excluding the porches has a volume of 93.9 yd³.


We are not just limited to measure houses. We can measure and map out just about anything. Have a hole dug that needs filled with gravel? We can estimate the volume of the hole and your pile of gravel and advise if that is enough gravel to fill that hole!



LoftyBot LLC would love to help you with your Site Survey and 3D Mapping needs.