Infrastructure, Job Site and Building Inspection

LoftyBot LLC can use our drone to assist companies to inspect radio towers, power transmission towers, rail roads, and pipelines.  Using our UHD4K camera along with 12MP photos the smallest details can be viewed, such as serial numbers, wire sheath detail, and textures. We can process high quality mapping and photos of any area that needs inspected.


From the saftey of the ground, we can send our drone to scout out and photograph any area needed. Lower the hazards of sending personnel hundreds of feet up or hiring a helicopter to inspect your assets.


We can also assist with Job Site progress status updates. Our drone can take a photo or video of the job site, return to the same spot in the future and take another photo or video to show you the exact progress of your job sites.

If requested we can do multiple passes of the job site and create a 3D model, with each progress update we can build a new 3D model with the updated job site progress.

Along with 3D models, we can create a DSM map to help with your inspection needs. This map also known as a Digital Surface Map, can color code based on elevation, along with show contours of the land or object being processed.

With our high resolution camera we can also help inspect other hard to reach places, such as roofs, bridges, buildings, containers, and other structures. Find out first from the saftey of the ground if you need to send personnel into a high hazard situation.