Insurance Assessments

Loftybot LLC can assist Insurance companies asses damage by wind, hail, lightning, and fire. We can deploy our drone to access survey property easily. Wether its residental, commercial or industrial property with hard to survey areas due to height we can make it easy to access those areas with high resolution photos.

Along with assisting insurance companies. LoftyBot LLC can also assist roofing companies with insurance claims to adjust. With our 12MP camera and UHD 4K video we can acess roof status from the saftey of the ground. No more need to worry about those high, hard to access, steep roofs. Let us send a drone up before sending your employees up to dangerous heights.

These roof pictures are a great example of our drone photographic ability. Click the pictures to view them at their full resolution. 


The 2 pictures to the left show great detail of the shingle condition.


The picture below you get a great view of the flashing around the chimney along with noticing that on the right, top center of the roof there is a shingle lifting up.